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SUOMA Used Center: a wide choice of materials 



SUOMA Used Service

Tel:  02 51 36 92 97  Fax:  02-51-36-27-95  - Email:

You are looking for used equipment,


Convenient, our OCCASION SUOMA CENTER is located in the heart of the Vendée department, 58 rte de Nantes in la ROCHE sur YON.


With permanent arrivals of diversified materials from our mixed crop-livestock and cereal farms in the Vendée:

Tractors with loaders, medium and high power tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, round balers, tillage tools, haymaking, breeding, etc...


We could suggest :


Materials cleaned, prepared, arranged and stored under shelter.


According to your expectations: in the state or revised (according to estimate)


Possible delivery of equipment to the department and outside the department (after rapid study of the transport estimate).


Possible financing by ACTIMAT or AGILOR or others..



So don't hesitate to come and visit us on the second-hand park...





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