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Be associated with the biggest brands such as KUHN , SULKY or  AGRISEM is to offer you a complete range of tools in perfect harmony with your land and your crops.








KUHN , SULKY , AGRISEM and SKY are the major brands we trust for your sowing and the management of your fertilization, and also guarantee your future harvests.






Founded in 1962, the ROUSSEAU company imposed a new profession,  inventing as a pioneer the mechanization of clearing.

With 60 years of experience, the family business DESVOYS creates grinding machines that will perfectly meet your needs.





Since 1983, a selection of reliable and recognized Campa suppliers. 27 years of experience from professionals to professionals. The 4 selections per year allow us to offer you  the best products at the best prices.



Self-propelled, trailed or mounted, for field crops, vines or trees, you will find the sprayer that suits you with what the HARDI-EVRARD-MATROT group can offer. ​​​



As the world's leading supplier of forage harvesting technology with mowers, tedders, rakes and self-loading trailers, Claas offers harvesting chains suitable for all types of farms. Perfectly synchronized, our machines assist you on a daily basis in your operation and ensure the success of your forage harvest.





It is thanks to the famous knotter designed by CLAAS that the brand now offers all its customers a range of large-format balers with high throughput to bale all types of products, in different sizes depending on the type of Quadrant. selected.





CLAAS has created a range of round balers for you, with fixed or variable chambers, with or without Rotocut, twine and/or net wrapping, and incorporated wrapper.


LOADER with tires


The latest addition to the handling range from CLAAS, the TORION.  With its   7 models ranging from 63 to 228 horsepower meet all the needs of  users.


The 2 small models, the Torion 639 and 535, are versatile machines which are aimed in particular at breeders.

In the medium category, the new Torion wheel loaders include the 1511, 1410 and 1177 models. These medium models are designed for farms and contractors who need power to pack silage or haul grain, fertilizers and other bulk products.

With its large models, the Torion 1914 and 1812, they address the needs of  agricultural contractors and large farms looking for maximum output, performance and comfort.




Responding as closely as possible to the expectations of farmers: this is what Claas and its JAGUAR do with its power and low fuel consumption.




Number 1 in sales in Europe and with more than 75 years of experience in the construction of combine harvesters, Claas offers a choice of 27 models with the AVERO, TUCANO and LEXION ranges. Innovating and improving to be at the forefront of technology sums up the success of the brand.



The SCORPION from Claas, a pledge of seriousness. With its compactness, maneuverability and power, this telehandler not only replaces traditional tractors with front loaders, it offers large farms and agricultural contractors the best alternative for carrying out most transport and handling jobs.



Claas is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural tractors in Europe. This range of equipment consists of 50 models from 75 to 530 hp: NEXOS and ELIOS for the smallest, ATOS, ARION and AXION for the standards and the XERION for the larger ones.

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